klange's résumé

The only maintained copy of my résumé is in the form of a 25MB PDF/ISO hybrid. I live in Tokyo and hold Japanese permanent residency. I am not interested in relocating and am not currently seeking employment.

resume_iso.pdf - This is both a PDF and a bootable ISO of my operating system, ToaruOS.

VirtualBox (1GB RAM; Unknown/Other for OS type; otherwise default settings) is preferred for most use cases, but you will need to rename the file to end in ".iso" or download it from this link instead.

Alternatively, you can use QEMU:

qemu-system-i386 -m 1G -cdrom https://r.dakko.us/resume_iso.pdf -M accel=kvm:tcg -soundhw ac97

If you want to run this on real hardware, you'll need a box with EFI and PS/2 mouse and keyboard (or functioning emulation). For BIOS boot, you'll need to hack something together in GRUB yourself.

If you wish to use the ISO with VMWare, please configure the VM for a 64-bit guest; the OS is not 64-bit, but this configuration selects optimal hardware for the best experience.

Latest release: 2020-08-24 (built from ToaruOS 1.13.0)
md5: 2f48db2cd8b378378c85b36efbaee18f sha256: 7469bf7ab799ad5206e5467096072f079fee26bbf7986fdc721437ac9e8a327e sha512: 6cfc7f1ac6eb3bd3a869d46707e8ab3ac3caf6ca1474516b3bb9f1cb974ff39571aba74b231c8f2f60832e0d4e9d8cd10c51528ca70e2e4ca686036792becb10

© Copyright 2011-2020 K. Lange
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